The Importance of monitoring your baby’s safety at all times

Being a new parent comes with a whole host of worries and concerns and we are sure a baby monitor is near the top of your list. Society is no stranger to baby monitors nowadays, in fact they were originally invented in the 1980s, a mind-boggling concept to older generations, but as with everything, over the years technology has improved and we’ve moved on from the era of just being able to hear our babies from a separate room to now being able to watch their every move. It doesn’t end there though if you are a working family and don’t get to spend every waking hour with your baby, smartphone apps even allow you to log into the monitor to watch your baby from a completely different, home, county or country!


Why every new parent should have a Baby monitor with camera

To introduce good bedtime routine for your baby, it is important that the baby sleeps learns how to sleep alone at an early stage.  However, having your baby sleeping in a separate room comes with some responsibility for the parents in terms of having to get out of bed to check the baby every now and then to make sure that the safety of your baby is not compromised.  Baby monitors with camera help new parents feel a sense of security, and the ability to know their baby is safe whilst not in their arms, they are also a convenient commodity ensuring you don’t have to run up the stairs filled with panic every time you hear a murmur.

Below we have listed some reasons why having a baby monitor benefits parents:

  • It gives peace of mind : It is such a relief to put your baby down knowing that you can still take a look at them from a different room without running the risk of disturbing them. It is helpful to ease the nerve that comes with being a new parent. It goes beyond newborns though, if you have an infant that has taken to climbing out of their cot at night you can catch them in the act and monitor ways in which you can prevent this by watching how they achieve such a daredevil stunt at their young age.
  • You do not need to make a sound: As a parent, I am sure you are aware by now of that feeling of dread that comes with creeping into a room to check on your child, what if you wake her/him? You’re fully aware of the turmoil that can cause. Well with a baby monitor with camera you can check in on your child whenever you want and wherever you are without the risk of ever disturbing her/him.

  • You can prevent your baby from being abused: Although as a parent you would not like to think of the possibility of your child being abuse in your absence, a number of cases of nannies performing this type of nasty behaviour at our homes are being reported in the media. Having monitors with camera at our home could prevent such incidents from happening or at least reduce the number of occurrences.

Effects of Baby Monitors with Camera on parents

Of course, making use of gadgets has its own pros and cons and baby monitors with camera are not the exception. The following are some reasons why some parents would be reluctant to acquire this type of monitors.

  • You miss out on your Favourite TV show because you now have a homemade one: Although you can find a sense of relief knowing you can watch your baby at any given moment, there is also the risk of developing more anxiety turning to the monitor with every little noise you hear, meaning that when you should be relaxing whilst your baby is safely asleep, you are still on edge and constantly watching for any negative signs.

  • Technology comes with glitches: Technology isn’t always 100% reliable, a powercut could see your monitor go down, a glitch in the software could cause an image to freeze, leading you to believe all is well when in fact it may not be. An even scarier concept is that there have been reports of some monitors being hacked, and it is worth you check up on the setup of your monitor to reduce the risk of this happening. Hacking is always a risk and therefore, the next article will discuss how to avoid your monitor from being hacked.

In Conclusion

Even though we are aware of the dependency that could be created by relying on baby monitors, a baby monitor is an essential device especially if you are new parents. It provides peace of mind and helps in reducing any stress brought about by having a newcomer. Monitors allow parents to keep their watchful eyes at the palm of their hands, hence it reduces the amount of running around to ensure that your child is safe at all times. With very few cons to consider and a whole host of positives toward choosing a monitor with camera over a conventional audio monitor, it is no surprise that many new parents spend hours searching for the best of the best, or one more affordable that can meet all of their needs. In the article titled BABY MONITOR, we give assistance to parents by researching some more advanced monitors together with the less sophisticated and affordable types of monitors for a smaller budget.

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