Hi everyone and welcome to my Baby Monitors with Camera website. As a way of giving back, I have created babymonitorscamera.com to share information and knowledge about baby monitors with camera based on my research as well as my experience. As most parents would agree, it is sometimes difficult to enjoy sleep when your baby is sleeping in a separate room knowing that, should there be any issues in the middle of the night, you might not be made aware immediately. Your babies’ safety is the most important thing in every parent’s life and we have a duty to make sure that our babies are safe and protected at all times.

A little Story about Me

My name is Tondi and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa but grew up in a rural village with very limited technology at the time. Being a mother, an aunt, and a grandmother, I have realized how difficult it is for mothers and of course fathers to enjoy peace of mind when their babies are napping during the day and/or sleeping at night in a separate room. Parents are always worried about the safety of their babies when they are out of sight. I have also noticed that, most of my nieces are very reliant on baby monitors in ensuring the safety of their little ones. This led me to start researching for solutions which can alleviate the anxiety that parents of small children experience on a regular basis.

Baby Monitors Technology Has Advanced

I believe that, as parents, there is always room to learn from other parents’ experiences, positive or negative all together. Our daughter was diagnosed with Asthma when she was just a few months old. As such, we were always anxious that something wrong might happen to her when she was out of our sight and therefore we bought an audio baby monitor. During the time when we were raising our daughter, we were not aware or we did not know of the existence of baby monitors with cameras. It really meant very little sleep and tiredness during the day while at work. Raising any baby with breathing problems can be demanding even when the baby is awake and it requires a continuous monitoring of the baby when out of your sight. Knowing that your baby is safe when alone is important even when the baby does not suffer from any disease requiring constant monitoring. I feel that it is my responsibility to give back by sharing how the latest technology of baby monitors with camera could alleviate the anxiety and stress due to worrying about your baby’s safety. How I wish this technology existed when we were raising our daughter.

They say “Sharing is Caring”

Recently, as a grandmother to small grand-children, I have been reminded of how it feels to always worry about your baby’s safety. Based on my experiences, my observations and my research, I would therefore, like to share information on baby monitor devices with improved functionalities that can help in alleviating the anxiety that parents live with when they are raising their little ones.

The purpose of babymonitorscamera.com is to discuss the advantages of baby monitors that have cameras and start living without fear or anxiety of imagining that something drastic might happen to your baby while out of your sight. Although we do understand that in the olden days parents did manage to raise their babies successfully, we also know that parents were spending sleepless nights in order to ensure their babies’ safety. Those parents who were lucky to share the upbringing of their children with their partners, were somehow advantaged because they could take turns in checking up on their baby/babies during the night. With so many single parents who are forced to find jobs in order to support their families, especially here in my country, having to get up and walk to the nursery in order to check up on your baby regularly during the night is a bit hectic and sometimes unhealthy. Having baby monitors with cameras would be beneficial.

If the only thing that the information on this website achieves is to raise your awareness of the existence of this type of baby monitors camera, the purpose of creating babymonitorscamera.com would have been fulfilled. However, acquiring one of these devices would give your peace of mind and reduce the stress due to worrying about your baby’s safety.